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If you want successful changes in your private or professional life, then Jung Management is the place for you.
Jung Management has specialized in the organization and planning of professional as well as private areas of life worldwide.
In both professional and private life, the essential aspect of management is the preparation and implementation of decisions in a complex system.
According to the Latin original meaning of „manus agere“, which means „to lead by the hand“, I, as the owner of Jung Management, would be happy to support you as a trainer and mentor.

My job as Personality Coach is to discover and develop your potential, analyze and remove barriers, and to be by your side as a supervisor, companion, advisor and friend.

Topics of psychological counselling
Private subject areas
Advice on decision-making
Systemic couple counselling
Jealousy and distrust
Alone and loneliness
Lack of balance between closeness and distance in the relationship
Lack of respect and recognition
Alienation, boredom, routine in the relationship
Thoughts of separation and divorce
Joint management of critical life events
Coping with grief
Mental support for family carers
Psycho-oncological care for people with cancer and their relatives
Work-life balance
Mental support in coping with illness
Help with shopping addiction
Strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence
Desire for change
Redefine life goals

Professional subject areas
Systemic advice and systemic coaching
Advice and coaching on pressure to perform
To make important decisions
Coping with professional crises
Optimize work processes
Advice and coaching for executives
Professional reorientation
Professional challenges
Analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses
Burnout prevention and stress management
Conduct constructive appraisal interviews
Advice on bullying matters in the company

Subject areas coaching
Systemic coaching
Mindfulness-based coaching
Constellation coaching
Holistic coaching
Resilience coaching
Coaching with card systems
Analysis-based coaching

Energetic procedures and spiritual issues
Chakra balancing
Energy balancing